Plow and Stars Farm is run by Amanda Cather and Mark Walter, and their children Jonah and Sadie.  Amanda has worked at urban- and community-based farms that incorporated education, food relief, and sustainable agriculture as their core missions since 1996. 

Amanda and Mark met and were married at Drumlin Farm in Lincoln, Massachusetts, where Amanda was an agriculture intern.  They traveled to Boulder, Colorado, where they lived and worked at Hedgerow Farm, and where their son Jonah was born in 2003.  In 2004, they returned to Massachusetts, where they were very grateful to be part of  Waltham Fields Community Farm for over a decade.  Their daughter Sadie was born near Waltham in 2010.

After ten years of living and farming in the city, Mark and Amanda were ready to move to the country and start their own farmily farm.  In 2014, they took the plunge and moved back to Maryland, Amanda's home state.  Amanda and Mark feel incredibly fortunate to have landed at beautiful Montevideo, where they look forward to raising healthy animals, vegetables and grains for their shareholders and being part of the vibrant farming community in Montgomery County's Agricultural Reserve.   

Plow and Stars Farm is truly a family effort.  While Mark continues to work off the farm as a teacher, he is involved in every aspect of the farm.  He enjoys training the farm dogs Heidi and Arlo to herd, and taking walks on the scenic trails around the property.  Amanda currently manages most aspects of production on the farm with input and assistance from everyone else in the family.  Jonah is most interested in the animals, and has taken on the dairy goat herd as his own special project (but he loves the lambs, too!).  Sadie is one of the farm's hardest workers, and does a little of everything when she's not riding her special pony, Minnie.  

Plow and Stars Farm