2018 Thanksgiving Boxes

Thanksgiving is a chance to press pause on our busy lives and gather with friends and family for a special meal to celebrate the bounty of the autumn harvest. Planning and sourcing a delicious, locally grown, sustainably raised meal is a wonderful way to celebrate -- but it can be a lot of work!  

Introducing our Farm Thanksgiving Box, a locally raised and deliciously crafted meal brought to you by an innovative partnership between the people of Plow & Stars Farm and Brama Kitchen. Keep it local and take the stress out of this Thanksgiving with lovingly raised, expertly prepared turkey and side dishes cooked to perfection for your holiday meal by our team of small-scale, sustainable farmers and chefs. You choose your sides and the number of people you'd like to feed; we'll do the rest.

We'd love to be a part of your Thanksgiving celebration this year. Click here to order! 

Plow and Stars Farm