How it works...

Junior Farm Intern Description 

Spring break session

March 25-28, 2019 (M-Th)

Summer Sessions: (M-Th)

1.  July 8-11;

2.  July 22-25;

3.  August 12-15;

4.  August 19-22

Work day is from 8:30-3


  1. Fill out the Junior Farm Intern Application
  2. Wait for confirmation to come by for a working interview.
  3. If selected, choose from the available dates* to work over the summer.
  4. Show up on agreed upon dates ready to work, learn, and have fun on the farm!

Dates and Times

Q: What must I bring to work?

A: The following are required: Clothing to match the weather, we work in all conditions within reason. For example, bring a rain coat if there is even a slight chance of rain, long pants, (layers are always a good idea), mud boots and an extra pair of work shoes/boots, (no sandals or flip flops), refillable water bottle, sunscreen, work gloves.

Q: What else can I choose to bring?

A: The following are optional but advisable depending on the day: shade hat, long sleeve shirt, wind breaker jacket/sweat shirt.  

Q: Will I be working alone or in a group?

A: As a junior intern we will work together to learn the various tasks and tools on the farm.  

Plow and Stars Farm

A junior farm internship is an exciting learning opportunity to spend quality time on a working farm.  This is a ​unique experience where you will care for animals, work the farm, learn new skills, problem solve, and become new leaders.

This will be a mentored work experience led by Mark Walter who is both a farmer and elementary school science teacher.

He will help you build confidence and leadership abilities by taking risks and overcoming challenges while tending to animals and working on projects.


A typical day for a junior farm intern could include:

  • Morning animal chores
  • Work projects
  • Group activity
  • Lunch supplemented with farm food
  • Farm games
  • Afternoon chores

Animal chores: Junior interns will learn how to take care of our chickens (layers and broilers), pigs, sheep, and goats.  

Work projects: These will include building a mobile chicken coop, fixing fence for animal pastures, tending to plants, repairing an old trailer or other small carpentry jobs.

Group activities and farm games:  All work and no play, no way!  We will do activities and games together that may include a walk around the property, a hike to the creek, shooting hoops, barn ping pong, throwing frisbee for a dog, ultimate frisbee, and more.