The CSA at Plow and Stars Farm is a free-choice, year-round model of community-supported agriculture. Shareholders pay at the beginning of the year for their share, which will include vegetables, eggs, fruits, and meat.  This enables us to use your up-front payment to purchase seeds and other inputs at the beginning of the year, a time when our expenditures are high and traditional farm income would be low.  We're also able to use some of the income to invest in long-term structural improvements and soil fertility on the farm.

 CSA is a direct relationship between farmers (us) and eaters (you) -- there's no middleman and no pretenses.  We make the CSA 100% of our focus on the farm, and you allow us to farm without all the guesswork of seasonal marketing; all of our products are sold even before they are planted, laid, or born. By purchasing a share, shareholders agree to share the risk inherent in farming.  Farmers agree to do their utmost to produce a bounty of food for their shareholders.  The mutual trust and respect inherent in CSA is the foundation of many powerful farm- to-consumer relationships around the country and the world.  

What You Give

At Plow and Stars Farm, shareholders pay according to how many individuals are in their families.  In 2017, we ask each adult in a household to pay $1500 for the year, which amounts to $125 per month.  Children 6-12 pay $750 per year, and children 5 and under join the CSA for no cost.  Payment is up front, at the beginning of the farm year, at the time when we have the most expenses.  You pay half of your total share cost when you sign up, with the balance due by June 1.  See our discussion of 'Investment' for more on the costs and pricing of our shares.  

What You Get

Shareholders pick up food at the farm once a week for 50 weeks during the year, beginning in June of 2017 and ending in May of 2018.  Pickups are Thursdays from 2-7 PM.  When you arrive, you'll select what your family will eat that week from the array of seasonal vegetables that have been harvested for you, eggs laid by our chickens, and meats available in the freezer.  

You'll be able to take whatever your family will use that week.  We encourage you to take enough to process and put by when vegetables are at their peak.  Some products may be limited by availability and season -- for example, the first tomatoes are precious commodities!  -- but you will always be able to pick and choose exactly what you like from whatever we have to offer.  

 Vegetables will vary by the season, from tender greens and radishes in the spring to the mouthwatering fruits of summer, and hearty roots and greens through the fall and winter.  Meats will also vary seasonally.  In 2017, pork, lamb and turkey will be available in the fall as young animals are processed, while we plan to raise several batches of broiler chickens.  Our first batch of pasture-raised beef will be available in spring of 2018. We hope to have eggs year-round.​

Take a look at our newsletters from the 2016-2017 CSA season for a sense of what might be in the shares at any given time of the year.  

Questions about our CSA?  Ask us!

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How It Works

Vegetables:  60 types year-round in 2017

Fruit:  Cantaloupes, watermelons, husk cherries and strawberries in 2017, with more to come!


Flowers:  A bouquet every week in season!


Pasture-raised Eggs


Pastured Meat:  Beef, pork, lamb, chicken and turkey in 2017


Honey (as available)

What We Offer

Plow and Stars Farm is excited to offer year-round CSA shares for the 2017-2018 season!  Distribution of shares begins in June of 2017 and include vegetables, fruit flowers, eggs, chicken, pork, beef, lamb, honey, and Thanksgiving turkeys, all raised on the farm.  

Plow and Stars CSA 2017


Plow and Stars Farm


Can I buy one adult share for my whole household?  
No, we ask that each individual who is going to eat the food signs up for a share, including each person in a household.  This enables us to provide the free-choice option and to make CSA our sole marketing outlet.  

Can I sign up month by month instead of for the whole year?  
No, we ask our shareholders to commit to the farm for a whole year so that we can make a similar commitment to you.  We make a plan in the winter based on shareholders who are bought in for the entire year.  That enables us to focus on sustainable growing and animal production rather than marketing year round!

Do you offer a separate share for people who don't eat meat?  
Our shares at Plow and Stars Farm are "whole farm" shares.  That means you have access to all of the foods that we raise on the farm.  We don't offer separate shares for non-meat eaters (or non-veggie eaters either!).  

What happens if I go on vacation?  
If you go away, you can have a friend pick up your share for the duration of your vacation, or you can ask us to donate your share.  

What if I need to miss a pickup?
Every once in a while our schedules get away from us!  Send us an email or text if you need us to box your share, and we'll pack it up for you to pick up after hours.  

What should I bring to my CSA pickup?
Bring yourself, family members and friends, bags and a cooler to carry home your CSA share, scissors to cut flowers and herbs, sturdy footwear for all weather conditions, a picnic if you'd like, and well-behaved dogs (must remain on leash at all times, and cannot be allowed in farm fields).  The farm is also our home, as well as the private residence of our landlords.  While we encourage you to enjoy the beauty of the landscape, we also ask that you respect these boundaries while you're on the farm. 

All of our 2017-2018 CSA shares are currently reserved. To be notified if any shares become available, fill out our wait list form.